Our student-centered instruction is designed on an individual basis through consultation between parents and teachers. The following are examples of the types of services we can provide. Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor instruction for your child's unique experience.

Early Childhood

Developmental activities to build the foundation for pre-school and kindergarten.

  • Fine Motor Skills (writing/drawing)
  • Alphabet Recognition
  • Early Literacy Concepts
  • Phonemic Awareness and Rhyming
  • Counting and Number Sense
  • Shapes, Colors, and Patterns


Skill based instruction targeting specific learning goals or interests.

  • Phonics and Decoding
  • Reading Fluency
  • Comprehension Strategies
  • Grammar and Written Composition
  • Math Computation and Fact Fluency
  • Problem Solving Skills

Middle/High School

Strategic support for academics, college, and career readiness

  • Advanced Reading and Mathematics
  • Test Preparation
  • Study/Success Skills
  • Writing Essays, Presentations, or Speeches

Special Needs

Specialized techniques, strategies, and accommodations to help every child learn.

  • Visual/Tactile Materials
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Frequent Breaks
  • Movement and Music
  • Repeated Practice
  • Time Management Tools


Enhanced learning experiences to challenge students beyond the age level curriculum.

  • Accelerated Pacing
  • Creative Expression
  • Experiments/Explorations
  • Research Projects
  • Technology-Based Lessons